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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in North Vancouver

Missing teeth lead to several dental and systemic health issues, such as having difficulty eating and speaking comfortably. Dr. Kris Klimek provides dental implant as a comprehensive replacement for missing teeth. Visit Mountainview Dental Centre in North Vancouver, BC, and schedule a consultation to determine if dental implants can benefit you.

Replacing Missing Teeth Roots in North Vancouver

While dentures and bridges are still used as reliable restorations for missing teeth, they fail to replace the roots of teeth. The lack of teeth roots in the jaw leads to the jaw bone’s atrophy and subsequent signs of premature aging.

Dental implants replace the entire tooth, from root to crown. Titanium implant posts are placed into the jaw where it mimics the natural tooth’s root. This prevents the resorption process from occurring and preserves bone density and strength. Additionally, the biocompatible titanium fuses with the bone to generate united support for both the prosthesis and existing bone.

Replacing the Rest of the Tooth

An abutment connects a prosthetic replacement to the post to secure the restoration in place. Treatments with dental implants include the following:

Single-unit crowns replace a tooth anywhere in the smile. A single implant is placed directly where the tooth’s root once was to serve as the new supporting structure for the crown. This procedure can be used after an extraction or when a tooth is avulsed.

Multi-unit bridges replace up to a short row of teeth using a prosthetic that anchors onto the implants. Rather than relying on adjacent healthy teeth for support, implant-supported bridges preserve the structure of existing teeth and gathers support directly from the jaw bone.

Implant-supported dentures replace up to an entire arch of teeth using strategically placed dental implants for maximum support and comfort. Patients have the options of choosing between fixed and removable dentures to fit their lifestyle.

Patients require eligibility to receive dental implants. We coordinate treatment with local surgeons to conduct any preliminary procedures, such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, and ridge augmentation, to ensure patients have adequate bone density to receive and support dental implants safely and securely.

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Find out if how dental implants can improve your restorations by scheduling an appointment and visiting with Dr. Kris Klimek. Mountainview Dental Centre will help you determine the right treatments to replace missing teeth and restore your beautiful smile.